Surround Yourself in Sensuously Soft Water
Nova Spa Water Conditioner is a proprietary blend of
organic compounds including coconut extract and natural
enzymes that are naturally attracted to contaminants
(such as body oils, dirt, lotion, etc.) and minerals in the
water.  Nova Spa's natural flocking action moves organic
materials to the filter for removal. Enjoy clean healthy
water without the constant maintenance of harsh
chemicals.  Nova Spa leaves your skin feeling soft and
refreshed. No skin irritation or skin rash from chlorine.

Nova Spa Water Conditioner contains no harsh chemicals
and is a natural hot tub treatment which makes
maintaining your hot tub easy! Just follow the directions on
the bottle and enjoy your hot tub for up to three months
before adding another application of Nova Spa Water
Conditioner. Relax and enjoy a natural hot tub and leave
the work to the natural spa chemical.
My natural hot tub using the Nova Spa Water Conditioner maintenance system.
"We use Nova Spa in our hot tub and
are very happy with the results. My spa
water maintenance has never been
simpler." - Bill
Starter Kit includes Natural4spas Cleaner and
Nova Spa Water Conditioner.

While chlorine is an industry standard for sanitizing, many people
have reactions to chlorine and bromine even at low levels.  These
chemicals often cause skin irritation, skin rash, red eyes, dry skin
and some just don't like the smell of chlorine.   The problem with
these chemicals is that you have to maintain a minimum level of the
chlorine in the water at all times to effectively treat the bacteria
and viruses.  These chemicals in high concentrations are toxic to
all forms of life.  Every time you are in the spa, you are breathing
your body wants to fight the toxins.

Over time, these harsh chemicals build up in the plumbing and
pumps.  Some have negative corrosive affects on the spa and will
cause additional repair costs.   The chlorine in the water when
draining your spa is an environmental toxin and should be disposed
in a sanitary sewer which adds extra burden on your sewer district.

Nova Spa is 100% safe for
children, pets, fish, birds and         
your plants. So safe, Nova Spa
requires no warning labels.  
Nova Spa is
biodegradable and is
good for the environment, so
your spa water can be used to
water your lawn.

Nova Spa contains coconut extract. As it breaks down, it’s
released and gradually coats the filter cartridge which improves
spa filtration and makes cleaning the spa filter easier.  Coconut
has the added benefit of softening the skin and conditioning the
water. There are no corrosive chemicals in Nova Spa to cause
rust, stains or taint water.  

Nova Spa products are truly the solution to natural chemical free
spa maintenance.  I am confident that once you try Nova Spa, you
will never go back to daily chlorine or bromine systems.

Bill Kleckner
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We sell environmental friendly, chemical
alternative to chlorine.
Nova Spa Water Conditioner is safe for children and pets so your family can enjoy your spa.
"The Nova Spa has worked a miracle
chemicals. I bought an expensive spa
harsh chemicals would have on me.  
My doctor advised me to buy it for
therapy, but upon experiencing the
chemicals, it sat for 4 years.  Now I
can totally enjoy the effects of it."

These natural hot tub products are great for keeping
your water clear and inviting. For more information click
on picture.  
Shock, Filter Cleanser, and water clarifiers is the natural solution for chemical free spa maintenance.
A natural hot tub treatment that makes spa maitenance easy so you can enjoy your spa.
Nova Spa Water Conditioner is the natural solutuon for chemical free spa maintenance.
safe and effective.  This powerful
cleanser utilizes naturally
occurring microbes to eat away
built up oily residues in the
plumbing and  pumps, as well as
the surface of the tub.
Click Here for more information
and pictures of it working.  
Here's what Ms Taylor had to say after trying
our chemical free hot tub maintenance system:

I am both pleased and impressed!
I would like to tell the world about
your product."

- Ms Taylor, Soulsbyville, Ca
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Our natural spa water conditioner simplifies your hot tub
- One application of Nova Spa Water Conditioner every 3 months.
- No weekly testing
- No adjusting pH after initial set up.
- No adjusting alkalinity.
- Support products added once weekly or as needed.
- Great for Soft Tubs and all hot tubs.

Chemical free benefits of our natural spa maintenance system.
- Reduces hot tub maintenance.
- Reduces scum build up
- Eliminates chemical odors.
- no skin rash, no skin or eye irritation.
- water feels soft and refreshing.
- nontoxic natural ingredients.
- environmentally friendly.

Nova Spa is the natural chlorine free alternative for a natural hot tub.
Hot Tub
that's easy!
Nova Spa Water Conditioner is:
- A natural Hot Tub Treatment
- A chlorine free alternative for natural  
spa maintenance
Check out the FAQ Page for answers to your
questions on maintenance and water quality
Additional products for keeping your water clean
A natural solution for chemical
free spa maintenance.
Natural VS Chemical

When people say natural products, they are usually referring to organic products or
coming from nature.  When people say chemical, people generally think of artificial
man made substances.  Chemicals typically are products causing a reaction or
changing physical states.   

So, are there natural chemicals?  Absolutely!  The natural compounds like enzymes  
physically change the state of the organic materials by breaking them down into
harmless components.   Are there dangerous natural chemicals?  Sure.  Natural
chemicals like hydrocyanic acid or carbon dioxide in large doses can kill you.   
When you think of natural spa chemicals, you generally are looking for a chlorine
free alternative.  Nova Spa Water Conditioner and Natural4Spas Cleanser are
natural hot tub treatments.   While there are mineral and salt water alternative
treatments, Nova Spa natural Hot tub products are biobased and are biological
process to remove contaminants much in the same way wetlands filter out and
degrade contaminants in nature.

Nova Spa Conditioner is the easiest and
maintenance free natural hot tub
maintenance system on the market.
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The EcoONE Pre-filter removes chemicals
and metals. Start with pure clean water!
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