EcoOne OneShock™ Sanitizer/ Chlorine Shock - Directions For Use

EcoOne OneShock is used to control bacteria by killing them using chlorine. While the Nova Spa Water Conditioner helps control bacteria growth and reproduction by removing the food sources for the bacteria, the EPA still recommends using a shock with our products.

OneShock™ is the world's first dissolving spa shock tablet. It is a revolutionary, unique to the market, 'hands off' shock / sanitizer combo. Simply tossing one to two dissolving tablets of OneShock into the skimmer basket after bathing will keep your water clean and clear. Yes, it's really that simple!

Use 1 tablet per 500 gallons. To shock the spa use 2 tablets per 500 gallons. Shock the spa once a week, after using the spa. The chlorine will dissipate usually with in 24 hours.